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Getting Started

What is asthmaTrack?

asthmaTrack is a medical diary. Just like a real diary, you can create entries to keep track of how you feel, your medications, doctor visits and more. Instead of writing on pages, you'll use customizable templates. You'll tap buttons, adjust sliders and record events with just a click.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more.

So I start a diary, then what?

Your diary is a great tool to share with doctors and specialists, or just to review on your own. By tracking key events, dates and times you'll have an accurate picture of your health. You can download, email and graph your diary to get a better look.

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Other apps just log PEF and inhaler puffs. I need to...

Don't worry - asthmaTrack is fully customizable. You can input specific medications, symptoms, triggers, vital signs, test results...even exercise! Anything you want to keep track of, you can do.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more.